Spotlight on Trimark

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Spotlight on Trimark

Austin, Texas. Portland, Oregon. Gainesville, Florida. Is one city unlike the others? Trimark Properties would argue not. A leading developer of office space in Gainesville and one of the city’s largest real estate businesses for nearly three decades envisions a future full of possibility. Well-known as a college-town, now a growing hub for entrepreneurs, Gainesville is a promising prospect as a “New American City.” Today, Trimark sees opportunity to reinvigorate urbanity.

“How do we create a place that is not just a college town, but instead a place where people want to stay and start something, whether that’s a career, a company, a family, or all three?” asks Trimark’s Director of Commercial Leasing and Sales, Matt Luedecke. “We want to create a place that is inclusive of everyone.”

A city’s cultural growth comes organically from the residents who live, work, play… and stay. Trimark’s finger is on the town’s pulse, and Luedecke sees downtown spaces for their potential as the crux of where work meets culture, where we can live in a holistic, sustainable way.

“How do we create the skeleton of a city in which culture can grow? We can’t just say, ‘This is the culture here.’”

Developing a downtown environment conducive to integrated lifestyles is a vision in the making. Nowhere is this more visible than the growth of the Innovation District, the area between UF campus and downtown that’s fast becoming the epicenter of Gainesville’s startup community. Trimark has lead the charge by building two state-of- the-art office buildings plus remodeling dozens of older units to provide the modern amenities that appeal to young and innovative companies. Take Feathr, a company that has enjoyed both the aesthetic and locality of their Trimark-leased office on Gainesville’s SW 2nd Avenue.

“As a fast-growing startup,  Trimark’s expertise and flexibility with our ever-changing needs have made them the perfect partner. They don’t just provide office space, they’re creating a vibe, and I mean that both internally by making each build-out unique (our offices range from sleek glass to exposed brick) and externally by clustering tech/startup companies together,” said Aidan Augustin, President and Co-founder of Feathr. “They kept us in the Innovation District area, and there’s no doubt that their efforts are directly improving both company and talent retention for Gainesville.”

The company’s current tenants in the Innovation District range from software companies like Feathr and SharpSpring to manufacturing companies like Fracture to creative agencies like Parisleaf. Trimark’s prepared to provide the canvas upon which long-time residents, young professionals, and entrepreneurs can create.

“It’s important that we build a place that is a thriving community that is accessible to all,” said Luedecke.

Article contributed by Meg Boria-Meyer