Onward and Upward: Celebrating Josh Greenberg Day

Onward and Upward: Celebrating Josh Greenberg Day 1280 720 startupGNV

Josh Greenberg was the co-founder and CTO of Grooveshark, one of world’s first music-on-demand streaming services. As an independent, a visionary, and a pioneer, Josh left an undeniable stamp on Gainesville’s startup scene. What started as an idea fueled by passionate college dropouts and students turned into a full fledged tech company with 145 employees in downtown Gainesville. Along the ride, Josh created a thriving local startup ecosystem and left a legacy in his wake.

In celebration of Josh Greenberg Day, startupGNV and Gainesville Dev Academy are furthering Josh’s mission by empowering the entrepreneurs and the tech workforce of the future with the first annual Onward & Upward Grant and Gainesville Dev Academy scholarships.

Join us in honoring the legacy of Josh Greenberg by contributing to the Onward & Upward Grant which will be awarded at the annual celebrateGNV event.

Onward & Upward Grant

startupGNV is raising funds to assist a first-time aspiring Gainesville entrepreneur who lives and breathes Josh’s core values in accomplishing their entrepreneurial goals, no strings attached.

This carefully selected applicant will receive $5000 for their business idea in addition to ongoing support and mentorship from startupGNV during their journey.

Gainesville DDA Scholarships

Gainesville Dev Academy helps people of all skill levels become better programmers and assists graduating students with finding jobs at local tech companies.

Josh started Gainesville Dev Academy with Duncan Kabinu, who wants to keep Josh a part of their mission by donating two full scholarships to their bootcamp.

Want to learn more about Josh Greenberg’s story? Check out our series on the Grooveshark story!